Curious Curse- A Poet’s life in Intrigue

– Shrayansh Singh (Civil, 3rd year)


Creativity is a curse.
Spending hours composing a verse,
Struggling, stumbling, exploring;
Diving deep to discover
The rare abstractions of nature.


Losing track of time, and
Getting lost in the lust of imagination.
Failing and trying to sketch the vivid emotion.
Skipping lunch and dinner with some cheese and lemon.


Postponing dates and getting detentions
For the sake of literary leisure and poetic satisfaction.
Isn’t this abstract curiosity a curse of sense gratification?


I ponder and ponder
And think in the cauldron of phrases and words immortal.
Searching a mojo or a hex
To gank the demon Curiosity so stronger.


No! No! I cannot
I am too weak.
This is a curse I must endure
I could resist the desire no more.
Inquisitive mind’s sweet melody,
Rousing my mind and body.
This is the cursed curiosity.

3 thoughts on “Curious Curse- A Poet’s life in Intrigue

  1. The amazingness of this poem, is a fact that the poet is getting extremely bored of the lectures. I can relate because it was only during this time also, that I succumbed to this curse as well 😀


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