Hell Or Heaven

By: Krishna Mehra ,1st year, BTech(CSE)


What happens when we die,
What happens when we lie,
What is their inside your soul :
Love or Hatred.
Anger or Curiosity.
Hell or Heaven.
Or mere a bundle of frustrations..
Which is becoming the cause of your devastation..

Nothing is pure,
Benevolence is rare,
With people giving you pain to bear.

Is this our magnanimous nature ?
Is this our humanity ?
Or our selfish charity.

What happened, What is happening, What will happen..
Is not in our hands.
We are mere puppets
Choosing our own destiny..

Persisting nature can’t be changed
We are free birds..
Can’t live in a cage..

Freedom is required
Plethora of feelings we have
We want to spread Love
So Let’s break all the bonds and fly.
Never stop just try.


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