Love Letter Comptetion Entry by Arihant Verma

NOTE- This article was a part of a competition held  during Hillffair . This article is not edited by the team and is posted as received by us.
Dear specified,
This is my another attempt to explain something , Because you know , i find eloquence inexplicable anywhere except when i have to give presentations! Well then i have to! Now i have this bizarre  feeling i desperately need to share with ya. First thing i ‘m novice at this very thing , i mean i have no former experience! U know it’s human nature that we always try to explain something to others through words…
but invariably find it difficult , because it’s never enough , that’s why we use these gestures-we hug , so that hearts can come closer … , I was never inquisitive ever since we became friends . It was really peculiar at first , but i took it as an omen of something
unknown . Whenever something is unknown , i m curious .But this time i had a feeling-“i don’t know! , It was mysterious , but it felt good. Whenever i see your face , it is quintessence of purity , i feel so exuberant . Your eyes , like the tranquil twilight of dawn, so energetic is your stare that my  heart is literally pierced! Whatever i felt , unfolded in stages , really eerie , as no two things till felt correct in tandem to each other! I crossed a lane , completely unfathomable ! i wafted , so sloppy…,  i just really felt good .Your statuesque figure , making me inebriated in a fresh context!  The best
part? I began to enjoy silence! And again..these trivial words are ineffable , for you have already known past few days what i felt! And now is the time that i exude ,remembering, that gaffe when u liked totouch my hair around ,  having had a nice siesta after those arduous exams!   i love you!
Thank you for infantilizing me in front of your friends on my funny habits!
Arihant Verma
Roll No. 11401

Love Letter Comptetion Entry by Vishnu Anand

NOTE- This article was a part of a competition held  during Hillffair . This article is not edited by the team and is posted as received by us.
So that’s how it goes hn…. Long distance. Can’t see u smiling , meet u , can’t exchange glances in mid of  class ( being in mechanical adds up even more , they should hold extra classes in which , we can do staring part atleast once a week )
 Its been much of time I have seen that face gosh how can someone be….
Even after two years when I hear your voice on phone I have that butterfly sensation…. And your innocent tone ( pronouncing ‘s’ as ‘sh’…. Hehe kids do that) so special for me
You asking me not to drink , cutting the phone so that I can study and be able to fetch passing marks , fighting with me over bill , asking me to interacting with girls around ( me being shy and in mech., I must add) , always making me realize that I can do anything, telling me not to be negative …  ( which pretty much means i am appreciably lucky) It’s so much for the relationship ,
May be we r not together like other guys but why to look at others , you know I feel that internal bond I had with this little tough girl with beautiful brown eyes ,loves painting and chicken, have curly hair and lovely skin tone who is always ready to point me out over my dressing…… Pheww..
Sometimes I don’t believe I have got u in my life . I mean me, u the most popular cum head girl cum most beautiful and surprisingly had no boyfriend chose a guy with not even average looks . ( I am sure those guys would have been tremendously dumbstruck , who could have easily outsmarten me )
Okay sorry it was negative … But not again ..
Your voice on phone is only lively thing I have here in engineering right here , my only zeal, my only area to focus upon , my only constant   And remember always that there is someone who never want to loose you and is try to sort out his life, trying to study, so that world lets me breath, so that we can be damn happy.
 By-Vishnu Anand

Roll No. 11326
Mechanical First Year