Love Letter Comptetion Entry by Arihant Verma

NOTE- This article was a part of a competition held  during Hillffair . This article is not edited by the team and is posted as received by us.
Dear specified,
This is my another attempt to explain something , Because you know , i find eloquence inexplicable anywhere except when i have to give presentations! Well then i have to! Now i have this bizarre  feeling i desperately need to share with ya. First thing i ‘m novice at this very thing , i mean i have no former experience! U know it’s human nature that we always try to explain something to others through words…
but invariably find it difficult , because it’s never enough , that’s why we use these gestures-we hug , so that hearts can come closer … , I was never inquisitive ever since we became friends . It was really peculiar at first , but i took it as an omen of something
unknown . Whenever something is unknown , i m curious .But this time i had a feeling-“i don’t know! , It was mysterious , but it felt good. Whenever i see your face , it is quintessence of purity , i feel so exuberant . Your eyes , like the tranquil twilight of dawn, so energetic is your stare that my  heart is literally pierced! Whatever i felt , unfolded in stages , really eerie , as no two things till felt correct in tandem to each other! I crossed a lane , completely unfathomable ! i wafted , so sloppy…,  i just really felt good .Your statuesque figure , making me inebriated in a fresh context!  The best
part? I began to enjoy silence! And again..these trivial words are ineffable , for you have already known past few days what i felt! And now is the time that i exude ,remembering, that gaffe when u liked totouch my hair around ,  having had a nice siesta after those arduous exams!   i love you!
Thank you for infantilizing me in front of your friends on my funny habits!
Arihant Verma
Roll No. 11401