Jottings of a lone voyage


An article by Vansika Pareek, CSE.

They say my body is a temple, isn’t it? Yes, it is. The demons want to rub their hands and feet on the holy idols to wash off their sins, the cowards want to sink in their black bodies; now, what I really want to tell you is that I am AFRAID. I really am. I have fought on feminism like my long lost daughter, I have tried to steal the nectar of Samundra- MANTHAN to make it immortal but that was when, when I felt protected. This day I don’t feel like a fighter but an already raped victim for who says that rape is just the naked body, it all starts from when the feeling of insecurity grasps every nerve. So let me tell you the story. This bus journey is priced; the first alone voyage; my confidence is on a test like they say. But the truth is, confidence can let you make decisions, can let you stand in the crowd with a head so high but it CANNOT protect you. Let’s be practical. What would my confidence do when 5 people ( of course men, it works like a synonym in such context) will crumple my sheets, would it turn me into a superwoman, or make me the protagonist of Goblet of fire. My life runs like the tone of an oxymoron. I really need a man right now. Aah, A MAN because I fear MEN. Yes, my eyes are teary, my throat is dry, my body is stiff, I really want to pee( huh!!). All I want to say is that terror is acceptable but distrust is not.
P.S. All the views expressed are personal. They don’t generalize any sect because I too love the other gender. High five to all the men out there.


Her Beauty

By: Arunima Khunteta, CSE dual degree, first year

Sunshine sparkled her face as she came by
Dressed in white, her serene face shown.
The hair strand falling on her cheeks
And her fingers playing with them;
Something lay in her heart as she smiled.
What was it…! I wondered by
Her lips mumbled something that I did not grasp,
Her eyes twinkled as she spoke by
Then she held my hands and my heart skipped a beat.
Her laugh, her beauty,her charisma was so mesmerizing.
In her I drowned and my heart was with her.
Oh! how I loved her and adorned her.!


PS: Source and Picture credits to the owner.

A Girl

Sketches by: Sanjay Thakur, ECE 3rd year




A Girl,
     Her soul a deep-wave pearl
Dim, lucent of all lovely mysteries;
     A face flowered for heart’s ease,
     A brow’s grace soft as seas
     Seen through faint forest-trees:
     A mouth, the lips apart,
Like aspen-leaflets trembling in the breeze
     From her tempestuous heart.
     Such: and our souls so knit,
     I leave a page half-writ —
           The work begun
Will be to heaven’s conception done,
           If she come to it.