Ishita Parmar, CSE 14MI505 (2nd year)
A moment is about to come
When everything will change
A moment long awaited
When fears will submerge
A perfect moment is about to come
When strength will overcome pain
Tears will dry and
Smiles will take their reign
No more tears , no more sorrow
Just one moment to start a new life
No more sadness , no more cries
Just one moment to say a good – goodbye
So I say goodbye , goodbye , goodbye
Let it be our good-goodbye ………..

Final Year’s SENTIYAPA


These last couple of weeks were full of all kinds of feeling .

When my exams got over I became happy 🙂

When I saw my result I was like 😯

When my friends began to leave , I became lonely 😐

When I realized that I am in my final year of my  engineering I became excited 😀 and I was like 😯

But I was sad at the same time .  😥 college would not be same again.

I have not realized how these last three years have passed so quickly like a gust of wind . Final year was leaving and I was sad inside . I have spent some of the best time with my fellow seniors . They taught me , supported me , helped me through out these three years .  Now after they have gone I feel the responsibility over us , the pressure upon us . Now we are the Final Year .

For we were the brick of foundation in the first year we have grown into the pillars of the institute .

The last three days were very emotional for me . I was personally there to wave off my favorite seniors . Remember dearest senior, I was there . I saw all kind of emotions at  PGH , MMH and VBH . I came close to the feeling that our seniors were having  like you maybe seeing your friends for the last time , the last time you are here . The feeling that the best time of your life have come to an end .The four years of your engineering are finally over . You don’t know when you will see your whole batch again . I came close to that feeling which only I would be able to experience next year .

Some left the college crying while some friends tried very hard to stop their tears . For if they would have cried , everyone would have . Some were laughing but I saw their eyes , their laughter was only a mask to avoid their emotions .  Some left without telling anybody .Some are still here . Some will leave only when there is no one left to bid goodbye.

This was the SENTIYAPA I saw in the last couple of day. This Sentiyapa would continue next year when I would be the one who would be leaving and hopefully someone would be there to wave me off .

Thanks for all the parties , for all the masti , for all the daaru , for the love , for the evening walks , for the ragging intro , for all the time we spent together .

Thank You Batch of 2015

From –

Sagar 😉 & entire Batch – 2016