By: Kriti Kushwaha, ECE 1st year, 14463

I found myself sitting
In the middle of everything
Noise and silence
Surrounding me
Confusing me
Pellicle defining both
Only I could sense.

I find myself standing
In the middle of everyone
Busy in their groups
Shouting on me
Burning in me
Joy circling all
Only they could feel.

I find myself crying
In middle of every bit
Thoughts and pains
Tussling inside me
Slurring about me
The rain outside
Only I could perceive.

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My Desire

By: Kriti Kushwaha (ECE, 1st year)

My desire

May be very small

But would relieve

My heart, for sure.

I don’t aspire for something

Huge and large

Have a little wish

Which would complete

The collage of my heart

I don’t demand anything

Of heavy cost

It’s a small request

That would bring back

The joy I had lost.

I died at your first sight

You stole it whole

My heart and soul.

Your hair, your eyes

Made me mad

To confess it wise.

I just desire an another one

One more sight of yours

That would blow me

Away, of course.

That’s what I long for

Might be very small

But would relieve

My heart, for sure!