by Sarthak Awasthi (CSE, Third year)

Wonder why this is how it is?
I suppose may be you don’t,
But I do it in solitude,
Figuring out a familiar theme,
Why it recurs every day?

The life is set for an ascent,
Though the mind is humbler than a peasant,
Craving for existence of another human beside you,
A moment so worth cherishing that it may in hindsight defy you.

Fallacy it may seem,
It may all at the end be left a dream,
How costly shall that be?
Shall I leave it to let it be?

There is no emotion here on show,
Cause there is only a thing or two to know,
There is no way to measure the intricacies of heart,
May be then someone will know how tough it shall be to part.

Let’s say it as frank as you can be,
Be as friendly as we should be,
I shall hold my heart in my hands,
Bar it from wandering to unknown lands.


Just…keep breathing

A poem by Shrayansh Singh (3rd Year).

Hope is now a false lore,

Soothing, yet misleading more.

Struggle there is to endure,

Moribund life there is to survive,

Broken I am to the core.


Should I give in?

Should I cease breathing in?

This conundrum of survival is overwhelming.

The quandary is so confusing, exhausting,

A tight corner on the road mysteriously bending,

I look around for answers to questions,

Mocking my existence precariously.

Should I give in?

Should I stop breathing in?

Is giving up on one’s self just okay?

Is this battle worth fighting every day?

Waking up every morning,

With the fear of sinking in,

Heart clutched in the claws of Misery,

I slip into my shoes,

Too scared to go out,

Too weak to blurt out.

Should I give in?

Should I stop breathing in?

I ask myself this question,

Sitting in dark corner of this cave,

I ponder and ponder,

And think and yonder,

Bells didn’t ring, neither came any explanation.


Should I really stop breathing?

Whispered an old bird in a faint dream,

It twitched its frail wings,

shivered, coughed, breathed heavily.

Aged, its eyes were,

Face etched with struggles, experience the eyes bear.

Crooked shoulders. Flaky hair.

But full of energy, life, and air.


Should I really stop breathing?

Asked I to the wise old bird chirping.

Hope is rare, but a feeling so relieving,

A path of rose lies after the curve steeply bending,

If comes winter, how far lies the Spring?

What is life without troughs challenging?

What honour comes to warrior kneeling?

Light shall be here soon.

For now, just…keep breathing.

So, just…keep breathing, okay?



poetry by : Vansika Pareek, B.Tech (First Year).

Springs made their way;

From neck to pubis.

Shredded back and ensanguined soil.

Stripped off , I stand.

Silent, I stand.

Let splashes speak.

I flew with Chronos.


Plantations are quiet.


Abolishes of words.

For the eyes did say;

Know the difference.


Even if brand tags are missing;

Though not in emporiums,

Clothes are sold, maybe in a kiosk.


In other life,

I will choose on colours.


Image source: The  Internet
Written by: Aarushi Sehgal, CSE(1st Year).
I have a dream,
Even if I am thrown away or ripped to shreds,
Deep inside my heart ,
I have a dream as precious as gems.
If by chance, without a reason,
Somebody ridicules me behind my back,
I would be patient,
I would just wait for the day.
As you always worry,
You say that foolish dreams are poisonous ,
Like a book, that tells us about the end of the world,
And there’s the reality that we can’t turn back now.
I have a dream,
I believe in that dream,
So please watch over me,
Standing in front of a cold wall called fate ,
I can firmly face it.
One day I will pass over that wall,
And I’ll be able to fly,
As high as the sky.
This heavy life can’t tie me down,
At the end of my life,the other day when I can smile,
The other day when I can smile,
 Let’s be together.

Essence of a Drop


by:  Krishna Mehra ,1st year, BTech(CSE).

Life, a mélange of different seasons,
One comes, other goes,
With tons of happiness and Pain.
Still remember that old day,
Sitting on the roof with you
Never thought!
How our friendship lasts so long…
Coming to the Earth, dying on Earth
Is not only your feature…
But your main motto
Is to give birth to a new creature…
Pitter-Patter on window panes
And lying down on road lanes
Friendship with you is different
Now your life has become so indifferent !
Be it us humans, animals or birds
Everyone is deteriorating your essence,
With their deeds,
But Now I try to woo you
You are very important for me,
For mother Earth and for all living creatures.
You give happiness and remove pain,
Because you are none other than Rain.

MY Quotes

-Rohit Sharma

“True love is like a flowing river. It doesn’t matter how many  hurdles come in its path, the river finds it destination. “

“Sometimes life becomes so monotonous that you are forced to seek out tiny jiff of happiness to maintain an equilibrium between your brain and heart.”

“Your net worth is measured by happiness that you filled in others’ life and the smile that you brought to their faces, if you couldn’t fill happiness in someone’s life then your net worth is zero.”

“A pulchritudinous person without a beautiful heart is like “BRASS”, it has an ostentatious luster like “GOLD” but has mediocre value .”

“Some people are quite magnanimous like trees, no matter how much you exploit them they always shower their blessings on you; ironically they are known as maniac nowadays.”

“Beauty may be mesmerizing ,but ethics always enamor you.” 


-Sandhali Joshi (First year)

Change…..we don’t like it, we fear it. What better time for introspection than now! Four days into a new college, a new place. To say, “I’m in the process of adjustment” would be an understatement. It is a fragile time, really. Slightest discomfort, a little variation from normal makes you want to crawl into the coziness of your comfort zone. The small, cramped up hostel rooms don’t seem to come close in comparison to the perfect bedrooms back at home, we spent our entire lives till now, turning into our own spaces. It’s hard to leave behind the midnight kitchen runs, the mini fashion parades while dressing up for an occasion, the occasional but genuine show of affection for parents, the familiar faces of friends you spent our childhood with…………..the nostalgia doesn’t seem to end.

In retrospect, it was a shiny, cheerful world till 10th grade. It toughens up slightly over the next two years. For some, a little more than, perhaps, ‘slightly’! Anyways, there’s this funny thing about human beings, you know. We spend our time planning our future, trying to predict it. As if in doing that we can escape into it, somehow. And dreams, they have a way of weaving themselves, sometimes out in the open…sometimes furtively, in the dark of the night.

And then, it is scary to find out that you’ve been wrong about something, that the plans didn’t go as planned, that ‘almost’ hurts like hell, and that John Green was right all this time about the world not being a wish granting factory. We can’t bring ourselves to change our minds, to accept that things are different. That they’ll never be the same.  It’s like just when you think you’ve figured things out, the universe finds a way to throw a giant curveball your way.

Heartbreaking, much?? Well, I like to believe that happiness is found in unexpected places. Sometimes a cup of coffee is enough, sometimes even a friendly smile. Universe is strange that way, you know! Sure, the wounds and scars modify our paths and we find ourselves asking questions we never thought we would, but believe it or not, all that stuff they say about there being a right time to find your place on this mortal planet, about the assuaging power of time, about the eternal possibility of second chances, actually has a lot of truth to it.

Change ……we don’t like it, we fear it. But we can’t stop it from unfolding. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. It hurts to grow. Anyone who tells you it doesn’t is lying. But here’s the truth: sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same and sometimes, well, sometimes, and change is good. Sometimes, change is what makes this journey so worthwhile…….


Ishita Parmar, CSE 14MI505 (2nd year)
A moment is about to come
When everything will change
A moment long awaited
When fears will submerge
A perfect moment is about to come
When strength will overcome pain
Tears will dry and
Smiles will take their reign
No more tears , no more sorrow
Just one moment to start a new life
No more sadness , no more cries
Just one moment to say a good – goodbye
So I say goodbye , goodbye , goodbye
Let it be our good-goodbye ………..

YOLO‬: You Only Live Once – Do it your way.


By: Himanshi Kaushik, 14580, CSE 1st year

Everyone you meet is going to have an opinion about you, but whether their opinion matters or not, it’s up to you to decide. If they are important to you, they might influence the way you think and live your life. But if you let them decide every single thing about you, you will start to die a slow death.

In early years of life, what others think and say about you becomes a huge deal in one’s social life. When I was  young, I let peer pressure drive my life.

I did the things they did, acted the way which was considered “cool” and even put away my thoughts and ability to make my own decisions. But even when I was considered as a cool kid, such acts left me hollow. I began to realize that this behavior had less to do with me being cool, and more about the lack of self confidence in me. What made it worse was that such acts further drained the confidence I had in me and I struggled to make my own decisions even on petty matters.

I came to this understanding much later in life, that the image I was projecting about me was a hoax. That I was living a lie. That the very people whom I was trying too hard to impress will never be around to see what I have become.

It’s not that the first impressions doesn’t matter, they do! As in job interviews and meeting someone for the first time. But what they say and think about you will never matter as much as how you feel about yourself.

Yes, you only live once! But why live it on somebody else’s terms?