Shiva- The Neelkanth

-Kartikeya, Second year

Commonly called Mahadev,

With Nandi as his Aide

Sanctum at the acme of Kailash

His blue throat is an indelible mark

Adorned in Natraj pose

His anger is boisterous


With body full of machismo

He really is a virtuoso

Even his silhouette is imageable

And wit is totally impeccable

People call him omnipotent

Neelkanth is truly valiant


Avid for chillum and cigar

He is a ferocious warrior

With purity and piousness in his soul

A serpent rests permanently on his throat

Giver of life, and destroyer of demons

He deserves the title of ‘King of Gods’

Har har mahadev!!



By- Rajarshi Bhar, Civil 3rd year (Co-convener English Club)


Since our childhood we have heard so many tales from our mythology. Sometimes my mother told me, some of us hear it from our grandparents, and, talking of myself, I tell these stories to my sister when I go home in vacations. Here, I present something that I believe most of us aren’t aware of. At the end of this article, I will ask you some question for you to ponder upon and I assure you that you will wonder if this legend really exists or implies towards something.

A little known character in the Hindu mythology is Vadavagni, a mare which breathes fire and stands on the ocean floor. This submarine mare causes the sea water to evaporate and turn into mist, thus preventing the sea from ever overflowing on to land. It is said that at the time of Pralaya (Armageddon), Vadavagni will stop doing this, causing the ocean to expand and submerge the earth. The fire of the submarine mare will burst forth in the form of volcanoes. Everything will end up being destroyed by lava and water.

As per the ancient Hindu scriptures, just as every living thing goes through 4 phases of life – childhood, youth, maturity and old age, so does this world.

  1. Kritayugamarks the childhood of the world and Parshurama herald its end
  2. Tretayuga marks youth and ends with Lord Rama
  3.  Dvaparayuga marks maturity and Krishna brought it to end
  4. Kali yuga – the yuga in which we live signifies the old age. Kalki, the last avatar of Lord Vishnu is supposed to herald its end.

As Kalki, Vishnu acknowledges the end of the world, engages with it, and even participates in it. As Parashurama, Ram and Krishna, Lord tried to prevent the world from losing Dharma, but, as Kalki he will finally let go of this world and allow its age to take toll, similar to what Balarama did. In fact, he will participate in the Pralayaand end this yuga himself.

My character, Vadavagni seems to have a really close connection to this KALKI-ARMADEGGON theory.

History gives us just little hints and knowledge about Vadavagni and its true origin.

There are various theories about its origin. I am going to mention 3 of them

  1.      Fire of Aurva

Aurva literally means “born from thigh”. Son of Sage Cyavana and Arushi. It so happened that the ksattriyas belonging to Kartaviryaarjuna were harassing the rishis who were descendants of Bhrigu. Due to this ongoing tension, it is said that the fetus in the womb ofArushislipped to her thigh and was later born out of it. When the ksattriyas took the child and tried to murder him, they all became blind due to the immense intensity off light that radiated from the child’s body.

When enraged Aurva engaged himself in a sacrifice to destroy the followers ofKartaviryaarjuna,Bhargavas persuaded him to forsake the sacrifice for the common good of this world. Heeding to their advice, Aurva discharged his wrath into the ocean, the only place to conceal it. It is believed that the fire took the shape of a mare.

  1. Vadavagnifrom Aurva’s Thigh

Once, friends of Sage Aurva suggested him to have his own child.Aurva agreed, but, foretold that his progeny will survive by the destruction of others. Then he went on to cut off a part of his thigh which turned into a fierce fire and cried out “I am hungry, let me consume the world”. Soon, the world was engulfed in flames. Lord Brahma got distressed and worried to see his creation being destroyed. He went toVadavagni and requested her to stop this in return of a suitable abode that Brahma was going to provide.

The abode was to be Badavimukha, the mouth of the ocean.

  1. From Shiva’s 3rd Eye

When God of Kama tried to arouse desire and kama in Lord Shiva by shooting his special arrows, Shiva got extremely infuriated. His 3rd eye opened and the almighty flame launched from it went to destroy God of Kama. Lord Vishnu got worried. He knew that for proper functioning of this world he needed both Kama and Yama. So he intervened and somehow caught hold of the fire. Now, the problem that stood was that the fire wasn’t any ordinary fire. It was Lord Shiva’s rage incarnated.

Finally, Lord Vishnu came up with a solution. He turned the fire into a mare and hid her deep under a sea/ocean.

Questions that Make Us Wonder

  1. Something beneath the ocean that leads to its evaporation to control the water level and volcanoes burst


  1. During Armageddon, she will herself lead to the destruction – may be due to the excess of energy that she  may hold


  1. Everything will be destroyed primarily by lava and water


  1. It holds some similarity to a mare – may be physical shape or properties


  1. Its fuel is the destruction of other – just like a fire which keeps burning till it has got something to burn or destroy

Consider these points as clues of some puzzle and you will realize that this legend may surely indicate us towards a scientific truth.


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