by Sarthak Awasthi (CSE, Third year)

Wonder why this is how it is?
I suppose may be you don’t,
But I do it in solitude,
Figuring out a familiar theme,
Why it recurs every day?

The life is set for an ascent,
Though the mind is humbler than a peasant,
Craving for existence of another human beside you,
A moment so worth cherishing that it may in hindsight defy you.

Fallacy it may seem,
It may all at the end be left a dream,
How costly shall that be?
Shall I leave it to let it be?

There is no emotion here on show,
Cause there is only a thing or two to know,
There is no way to measure the intricacies of heart,
May be then someone will know how tough it shall be to part.

Let’s say it as frank as you can be,
Be as friendly as we should be,
I shall hold my heart in my hands,
Bar it from wandering to unknown lands.


Hell Or Heaven

By: Krishna Mehra ,1st year, BTech(CSE)


What happens when we die,
What happens when we lie,
What is their inside your soul :
Love or Hatred.
Anger or Curiosity.
Hell or Heaven.
Or mere a bundle of frustrations..
Which is becoming the cause of your devastation..

Nothing is pure,
Benevolence is rare,
With people giving you pain to bear.

Is this our magnanimous nature ?
Is this our humanity ?
Or our selfish charity.

What happened, What is happening, What will happen..
Is not in our hands.
We are mere puppets
Choosing our own destiny..

Persisting nature can’t be changed
We are free birds..
Can’t live in a cage..

Freedom is required
Plethora of feelings we have
We want to spread Love
So Let’s break all the bonds and fly.
Never stop just try.

Her Beauty

By: Arunima Khunteta, CSE dual degree, first year

Sunshine sparkled her face as she came by
Dressed in white, her serene face shown.
The hair strand falling on her cheeks
And her fingers playing with them;
Something lay in her heart as she smiled.
What was it…! I wondered by
Her lips mumbled something that I did not grasp,
Her eyes twinkled as she spoke by
Then she held my hands and my heart skipped a beat.
Her laugh, her beauty,her charisma was so mesmerizing.
In her I drowned and my heart was with her.
Oh! how I loved her and adorned her.!


PS: Source and Picture credits to the owner.

Would you?

by: Apoorva Sharma (15510)

You’d love her,

The one with a face

Not that lethal;

One who’s more of a rain ,

Than sunshine.

You’d love her,

The girl who is busy

More with novels,

Than dressing up;

Who’s rather silent ,

Than rhythms and words.

You’d love her,

The one who makes you

Drop deep down an ocean,


Than swim safe ashore.


Would you ?

MY Quotes

-Rohit Sharma

“True love is like a flowing river. It doesn’t matter how many  hurdles come in its path, the river finds it destination. “

“Sometimes life becomes so monotonous that you are forced to seek out tiny jiff of happiness to maintain an equilibrium between your brain and heart.”

“Your net worth is measured by happiness that you filled in others’ life and the smile that you brought to their faces, if you couldn’t fill happiness in someone’s life then your net worth is zero.”

“A pulchritudinous person without a beautiful heart is like “BRASS”, it has an ostentatious luster like “GOLD” but has mediocre value .”

“Some people are quite magnanimous like trees, no matter how much you exploit them they always shower their blessings on you; ironically they are known as maniac nowadays.”

“Beauty may be mesmerizing ,but ethics always enamor you.” 

I Am Yours

I Am Yours

By- Shrayansh Singh (Civil 1st year, 14173)

I am a book, read me.

i am a paper,

write your feelings &

scribble your anger

on me.

Use me

to absorb your tears, &

don’t throw me after use,

but when you feel cold,

burn me to feel warmth.

I am a mirror,

use me

to see your beauty.

I am a tree,

shelter in my shadow

& I will protect thee

from the world’s hostility.

I am the air,

feel my presence around thee,

& i will rise you

to zenith’s height

I am a genie, thou

ask me

whatever you wish

& you will be gifted.

O dear! please hear

You are the empress of this solitary heart.

you are desired by everybody,

but you are loved by me.

You are my heart, my dream

My soul, my life & everything

where I reign!

I Want

And there lay my poems; trapped between the pages of abandoned books; untouched, hoping to be read by the one whom they describe to be the loveliest.

– Harsh Tiku, CSE integrated 1st year, 14MI513


I want to hold your hand on a cold night and wake up to your face on a Saturday morning.
I want to travel the vast expanse of your mind and scare the bad thoughts away.
I want to fall asleep to the pure sound of your heartbeat and wake up to the beauty of your smile.
I want to lie with you on the terrace at 4 am; drowned in your carefree laugh, just staring at the stars.
I want to spend days on seashore making mud castles in morning
And appreciate the beauty of sunset in the evening with you.
I want you, in your entirety, and I want to love you endlessly.