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Sketches by- Navanshu Agarwal, CSE Integrated 14MI515

Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)
Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach)
Death is an unrequited love- Wolverine
Death is an unrequited love- Wolverine
Luffy's strawhat (One piece)
Luffy’s strawhat (One piece)

From When I Really Hit the Town

By: Navanshu Agarwal, CSE Integrated 1st year

This dates back to when my first semester had just started. I came to NIT Hamirpur in the spot round on the back of constant disappointment. Not qualifying for the IITs had shattered my confidence and left it in tatters. On top of that, being from a millennium city like Gurgaon, Hamirpur just seemed like my life condemning me to more misery. Something just didn’t feel right.

While returning from home after a short trip, the bus that I had taken encountered a landslide on a bridge and as a result we had to get down and get an another one from quite some distance ahead as the bridge could give away under the weight of the bus. Perfect! Now, the only thing that was left was for lightning to strike me or for the bridge or whatever was remaining of it to crumble away and plummet us all to our deaths. I made a note to self –  “10 to the ratings of this place”.

On top of that, I was carrying two heavy bags of my own and helping a woman who had a small baby with her, feeling a bit kind, yeah. At that moment I wasn’t sure whether I was headed for a course of engineering or “How To Become A Railway Station Coolie”. The path we had to traverse was quite long, blotched with scattered rocks. I could imagine the weighing scale going down 2-3 kgs in my mind and my mom exclaiming in delight – “You sure got thinner”. Huffing and puffing I trudged along the road. And then I saw around myself.

It was around 5 in the morning. The sun was just coming up in the sky from above the tall mountains. A few rays of the sun were just sifting through the clouds and falling on the valley below. It was perhaps the bluest sky I ever saw. The scene below was all the more amazing. The valley below was full of huge trees in full blossom. The dense canopy of trees below was enlightened by the sunlight dancing its ways through the leaves and morning dew. It glistened on the edges of the leaves making them seem to be made of gold. The chirping of the birds served to lighten up the atmosphere.

A river was flowing below, meandering through the valley. The dam water had been released into it and as a result the water flew turbulently like a swirling tide, ready to wash away all your worries. On top of that a soft breeze was blowing, the kind that tickles you behind the ear and leaves you wanting for more. The air was full of the fragrance of wet mud enticing the senses and would have left anyone captivated. It sure was spring coming early.

For a moment this just forced me to think, back at my place the natural beauty part was just restricted to the lawn garden. Instead of these melodious voices the only thing that you got was a cacophony of horns blaring, people shouting, machines rumbling. The putrid air, absolutely retched and could easily leave your lungs in a dizzy. All these malls and skyscrapers just seemed so superficial in a second. This might be usual for the localites, but this, coming from a jungle, was a complete turnaround of my perception of things.

In just a moment all my dismay was warped and filled with the splendor of this place called Hamirpur. More pondering over this made me realize how important it is to appreciate rather than crib. This place, in a matter of seconds, had changed my way of perceiving things – A Real Eye Opener.

PS: Well apart from this talk, I still wish this place a good branded food outlet. It would do this place no harm.

PPS: The weighing scale’s pointer didn’t go down one gram :D

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