A poem by Shrayansh Singh ,Civil Engg.,Third Year.

Three toddlers thought to talk thoughts
Too trivial thoughts to talk, the three toddlers thought.
This took the toddlers time to think through thoughts
Tickling tattered toddlers, the thoughts thought–
Trivial thoughts they think to talk to thoughts’ trespassing thoughts.

“Thee torments thou thinkers”-
three toddlers thought.
Trivial thoughts the toddlers thought to talk to
Thoughts the toddlers thought to talk.
This troubled the toddlers to think to talk.
Too tough to talk to thoughts, the Time thought.
To talk to the toddlers through the trouble,
Time travelled through tombs time tooled.

“To talk to thee thou travelled through time”-
told time to three toddlers.
Time tried talking to toddlers through thoughts.
Twitching toddlers twinkled,
Their thoughts tickled.
Together the thoughts trembled, tabled to talk to three toddlers.
“Thoughts too trifle to truffle”-
thought the three toddlers.

Tough to think truce, Time totalled.
Three twisted toddlers
Troubled Thoughts tenaciously.
Tired, troubled, tangled,
The trivial Thoughts threw in the towel.
Time thought-
“Task to talk thoughts too toiling,
Troubled toddlers travailed, tottering top to toe.”

This thought the tiny tramp, trespassing Time’s trap.


Time is such a drag

– Raghav Sharma (IIITU 15127)

I’m too proud that ‘am growing
With the swing of the time ‘am flowing.
Once I was short, just a tiny tot,
Dreaded of light who cried a lot.
You were the guardians, numbered two
In that scariest time, I knew very few.

You told me there is nothing beneath the bed.
Wind just crackled the window, don’t be so afraid.
And slept beside me giving me a strong hold;
Gave that lovely dream and swayed away the cold.

You told me you’re proud, your son is growing.
But mom it’s all your great reap that you’re sowing.
I am still a kid, I still fear.
It’s not the dark, nor the sound. I still cry a tear.

With every visit to home my pain grew deeper,
Your skin grew more brown, eyes grew weaker.
I am too afraid that you’re growing.
More to my scariest dreams, the time is flowing.

I am still a kid, I still cry a tear.
God take my body so that my parents’ll always be here!